Pennsylvania's Ice Cream Trail 2024 officially launches | Southeast Pennsylvania

LANSDALE, Pa. – The 2024 PA Ice Cream Trail has officially begun. This is the seventh year, and the Merrymead Dairy Farm in Lansdale, Montgomery County, was the site for the opening ceremony this year.

The dairy farm serves more than just ice cream.

“Here you get to experience the agricultural part of making this ice cream,” said Kelsey Givler, farmer's market manager. “We have dairy cows that produce the milk; we have the dairy that makes the ice cream on site.”

Merrymead was chosen to host the kickoff of this year's PA Ice Cream Trail, which featured a number of special guests, including Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding.

“Ice cream brings us together, brings us together today,” said Secretary Redding.

The trail works by signing up and logging into the Scooped: An Ice Cream Trail website. Make a purchase at any of the dairies on the list and pick up a four-digit PIN at checkout that you can use to earn points and win prizes.

This year there are 41 dairies along the route, including some in the Lehigh Valley, Berks and the Poconos.

“You have the opportunity to see Pennsylvania, you have the opportunity to see farms of all sizes,” said Secretary Redding.

It is also an opportunity to support local dairy farms.

“Over 500 people sign up for the ice cream trail,” said Givler.

Merrymead is a family run business and has been in business for over 50 years, but they say dairy farming is a dying industry.

“Unfortunately, this has a lot to do with the time and attention that dairy farming requires,” Givler said.

So there’s more to the trail than just ice.

“With this ice cream, the families we are in contact with, all 41 of them, make the ice cream, they farm, they milk cows,” said Minister Redding. “All of that is in a cone.”

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