Brian Kelley says the separation of Florida and Georgia Line was not amicable

John & Tammy: San Diego's Morning Show

Brian Kelley

Separation of Florida and Georgia not amicable…

Still loves Tyler Hubbard

Brian Kelley says he didn't want Florida Georgia Line to end up that way… and noted he tried to keep the group alive – but, it seems, Tyler Hubbard didn't feel the same.

The singer-songwriter recently sat down by phone for an interview with “John and Tammy: San Diego's Morning Show” … and he talked about the now-disbanded band, including his feelings toward his former bandmate.

BK says he's grateful to all the fans who support the group and their individual endeavors following the breakup before dropping a bombshell… namely, that he never wanted FGL to end.

He explains that when discussions with TH about individual routes began, he wanted them to stay together but also release solo work at the same time – to somehow link them together.

Kelley admits he has no idea how such a move would work in practice, but reveals he and Tyler couldn't see eye to eye on the matter… so they decided to move away from the Southeast.

Despite the breakup, Brian makes it clear that he holds no grudges toward Tyler… adding that he's always there for him – leaving the door open for a future reunion.

So, no bitterness here…not exactly surprising considering how the guys made things public. Remember, they ended their last performance with a farewell to the fans before they hugged each other and left from different sides of the stage – a symbolic conclusion to this chapter in their musical life.

By the way…each of them has released a few solo albums in recent years – including Hubbard's “Strong” in April and Kelley's “Tennessee Truth” earlier this month.

In any case… FGL fans will probably be happy that their two favorite musicians are not arguing – and can hope for a reunion.

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