Alaska Airlines builds world-class training facility in Washington

Alaska Airlines' new training facility

Alaska Airlines' new training facility. (Image credit: Alaska Airlines)

Alaska Airlines invests in its employees and its future.

The airline has acquired a new facility to serve as a training center for crew members such as flight attendants, pilots, gate agents and more.

The training facility in Renton, Washington, is scheduled to open next year.

“For the first time in our history, our remarkable operations team members will all come together and train under one roof,” said Constance von Muehlen, chief operating officer at Alaska Airlines. “We are excited to continue to grow Alaska Airlines' culture of safety, performance and care in this dedicated space that honors the contributions our frontline team makes to every guest and every flight.”

The facility will house flight simulators, office space and classrooms, among other things.

It will be located in the Seattle suburb of Renton and will encompass 173 acres in total, including a mixed-use arts and entertainment facility. If the name Renton sounds familiar, it is. Boeing has a large presence there and once owned the building that will now serve as a training center.

Alaska Airlines purchased the property for nearly $86 million.

“This major commitment from Alaska, along with the (MLS) Sounders' significant investment in opening their new training facility earlier this year, has given the mixed-use campus a significant boost. In light of these events, Renton is a bright spot in the region and we are excited to build on these announcements to bring more beloved Northwest brands to our exciting new community,” said Liz Thorson of the property management company.

“We are pleased that since acquiring the property we have been able to secure an occupancy area of ​​over 62,000 square metres in a difficult office environment across the country.”

“We are very excited to invest in our home in Puget Sound,” said Shane Jones, senior vice president of fleet, revenue products and real estate for Alaska Airlines. “The growth opportunities this acquisition provides us cannot be overstated, and it truly feels like a perfect fit.”

The move comes at a time when Alaska Airlines is still negotiating a possible merger with Hawaiian Airlines.

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