Do you know your news? Quiz on Orlando Pride, Disney, Universal, DeSantis

It's time again to test your knowledge of current events in Florida.

They may not be as well known as some people, but the Orlando Pride are coming off one of the most impressive wins in Central Florida professional sports history. The National Women's Soccer League team is undefeated nearly halfway through the season and has a record of 8 wins and 3 draws. So if you don't know the Pride, it's time to get to know them. Which player is battling for the title of league MVP with 8 goals this season?


B. Summer Yates

C.Barbra Banda

D. Mia Hamm

Answer: C. The new signing and Zambian-born player has scored 40% of the team's goals this season and the team appears “unstoppable,” according to CBS Sports.

Orlando once again made unfavorable headlines as one of America's most dangerous cities for pedestrians, but it also had some other cities in the state to beat. How many Florida cities were listed among the top 20 most dangerous cities in Smart Growth America's Dangerous By Design report?





Answer: D. Yes, nearly half of the places where you are most likely to be hit by a car are in the Sunshine State. This is partly because Florida is a tourist destination, but mostly because Florida has pretty much failed at building safe pedestrian and bike lanes. Other tourist cities are considered safer.

Orlando remains one of the deadliest areas in the country for pedestrians

Speaking of improving safety, the website Seeking Rents, which stores public data, has obtained emails showing that during recent budget talks, Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed cutting the budget for the state's Moving Florida Forward initiative – which includes accelerating road projects and the stated goal of “improving safety” – by $10 million. What did DeSantis plan to use the money for instead?

A. Increase in teachers’ salaries

B. Elimination of long waiting lists for services for families with disabilities

C. His newly resurrected state militia

D. Renovation of the Governor's Villa

Answer: C. The site reported that the DeSantis administration had just signed off on plans for the State Guard to “start buying planes, helicopters and drones, but DeSantis still needed money to get people to actually fly them.”

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights always finds ways for fans to spend more money earlier in the year. This year, Horror Nights is scheduled to begin more than two months before Halloween with a limited-access preview on August 29. How much do tickets cost for the one-night event?

A. $150

e.g. $250

C. $350

D. $450

Answer C. So you can either walk there or make a car payment. That price includes parking and some food and soft drinks. And diehard horror fans seem willing to pay. However, if you're a bargain hunter, I still think the best theme park deal in town is the Fun Card card for SeaWorld, which gives you year-round access to the park with less than 20 blackout dates for $137.

Universal: New Premium Preview Night Set for Halloween Horror Nights

Students at St. Peter Catholic School in DeLand planted a swamp pine sapling from a special seed last week. What was so special about this seed?

A. It was created in a laboratory

B. It flew around the moon

C. Its roots go back to Juan Ponce de León

D. It was the very last Truffula seed

Answer: B. The seed flew into space as part of NASA's Artemis I mission in 2022 and was one of only 50 seeds distributed to schools across the country.

NASA moon tree takes root at Catholic school in DeLand

Disney and Florida Republicans have decided to play nice. The theme park is making campaign contributions again. And politicians say they're ready to keep going. To that end, DeSantis-appointed members of Disney's local government committee announced that Disney is preparing to invest up to how much money in its Florida parks over the next two decades?

A. $2 billion

B. 8 billion dollars

C. 12 billion US dollars

D. 17 billion dollars

Answer: D. With Disney's money now flowing again – to politicians and to the parks – the governor's appointees are once again raving about Disney, saying the investments will “stimulate economic growth, job creation and support of local businesses, along with environmental protection and workforce housing initiatives, which will benefit the Central Florida community.”

Marco Rubio is running harder than anyone else to be Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate, claiming the former president was the victim of a sham trial and calling on Americans to donate to Trump's political committee. All of this is a stark contrast to 2016, when Rubio said: Trump is what?

A. “A fraudster”

B. “A serious threat to the future of our party and our country”

C. “The most vulgar person who ever aspired to the presidency”

D. All of the above

Answer: D. He also called Trump “dangerous” and sent out a press release reminding fellow Republicans that Trump had “made fun of the disabled… demeaned women and insulted war heroes.” But at the time, Rubio and Trump were running against each other for president. Today, the man Trump nicknamed “Little Marco” sees Trump as one of his few options to run again.

The Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability recently released a report on the importance of taxpayer dollars in promoting tourism. In its analysis, the office found that for every dollar taxpayers donated to Visit Florida over the past three years, how much did they get back?

A. 58 cents

e.g. 1.02 USD

C. $1.92

D. $2.92

Answer: A. Yes, the study funds provided to Visit Florida did indeed result in a loss in return on investment. They say travelers are more influenced by things like family, friends, and direct advertising from the theme parks than by promotional campaigns that Visit Florida runs. However, the report also noted that previous studies had shown a positive ROI for Visit Florida, and essentially concluded that citizens could ignore the findings of this report… which was odd.

The Rolling Stones performed at Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Monday. What is the combined age of longtime band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood?

A. 210 years

B. 224 years

C. 236 years

C. 1.2 quadrillion years

Answer: C. The boys are 80, 80 and 76. And man, we should all be so active and successful at this stage of life. Now that's satisfaction.

Orlando fans prepare for rocking Rolling Stones at Camping World Stadium

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