This Montanan thinks about the Trans Asterisk

Some time ago I wrote an inspirational message aimed at male athletes who are transitioning into a woman and competing in women's sports. My idea at the time is the asterisk, which is applied in the same way as for competitors who take performance enhancing drugs. A small star next to a name would indicate that the lady was biologically male or was transitioning into a woman.

One criticism of the asterisk is the stigma. The trans man would have to live with the doxing of his athletic performance because he has a performance-enhancing physiology. He/she could be the target of backlash at any competition or public event. Okay, I understand your point.

A new idea comes to mind…

Photo credit: Townsquare Media Boise; TSM Media Center

Photo credit: Townsquare Media Boise; TSM Media Center

Give the girls the stars!

Instead of focusing attention on the trans athlete, we should recognize the biological ladies with the asterisk. The tiny star now means, “The athlete is a natural female by birth.” These stars would be everywhere, in the records and player stats, all over the team roster.

You can see what's coming, right?

The trans competitors will want the asterisk. The stigma will not have a star next to their name. The controversy revolves around the performance enhancers demanding their mark and the born women wanting to get rid of their asterisk. Soon we would be arguing over and over again about whether to get the asterisk or remove it.

Dr. Seuss actually wrote a children's story about the capture and removal of this star: The SneetchesHis 1961 classic is about discrimination, but the book could also be applicable to this conflict.

I would like to thank the Billings Public Library for the use of their copy of the book for my selfie.

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