Bear defends himself against alligators while swimming in Florida – Video


Someone call Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg because this animal showdown needs a guest commentator.

A viral video obtained by the USA TODAY Network shows a fearless bear battling two alligators while swimming in a Florida river.

Kayaker Tyler Futrell filmed the tussle between the three beasts in the St. Johns River near Highbanks Marina, about 30 miles north of Orlando.

The waterway is the longest river in the state, flowing 310 miles from its source at Blue Cypress Lake in Indian River County to its mouth near Jacksonville in Duval County before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Round 1: Bear vs Alligator 1

At the beginning of the video, a lone bear and a lone alligator are seen swimming towards each other head-on.

“Oh man, an alligator comes and says 'hello,'” says Futrell as the nature show begins.

The two animals collide, the bear hits the alligator and a fight breaks out between the two.

The bear quickly and seemingly effortlessly fends off the alligator, roars, and then swims away.

“I can’t believe I have this on video,” Futrell is heard saying in the video.

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Round 2: Bear vs Alligator No. 2

After this encounter, the bear swims close to the river bank, where a second alligator appears to be lurking.

“On to round two. On to round two,” the kayaker can be heard as he records the video.

The bear appears to pounce on the second alligator, fends off the reptile and then swims out of sight.

Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter at USA TODAY. Reach her at and follow her on X at @nataliealund.

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