How Eversource will help Connecticut meet its clean energy goals

The state's policymakers have a vision of a cleaner, greener Connecticut by 2040 – a vision that includes widespread adoption of electric vehicles and solar, as well as integrating additional renewable energy sources into the grid to keep pace with increasing demand for electricity. Eversource has a proven track record of supporting these efforts that enable a clean energy future for customers, and the company is working harder than ever to make its systems smarter, more resilient and more sustainable for this emerging era.

“As an industry leader, we are very proud of our ambitious reliability and sustainability efforts. We are more than just a storm response company: We are building the roadmap for the future of clean energy, but we can't do it alone,” said Steve Sullivan, president of Eversource Electric Operations. “We look forward to working with the state's policymakers, our regulators and key stakeholders on the next steps to advance our shared goals with the state to address climate and energy challenges.”

Anna Harden

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