Will words heat up between Jimmyb Butler, Miami Heat?

Q: We’ve been hearing lots of Jimmy Butler trade rumors and lots of contract-extension rumors, but I’ve yet to hear anything about how Jimmy’s injured knee rehab is coming along. With the Celtics waltzing through the injury-riddled Eastern Conference to the NBA Finals, I would like nothing better than to see a “Celtic nightmare” Jimmy Butler revenge tour (with the Miami Heat) next season.  – Greg, Jacksonville.

A: Jimmy Butler’s knee injury never was considered a long-term issue, with plans, in fact, to have returned had the Heat made a deeper playoff run. Based on Jimmy’s coast-to-coast whirlwind since the end of the Heat season, including stops the past week at WNBA games, I would not be overly concerned about the knee issue standing as a long-term concern. And based on his comments at a recent Sparks game and the No. 22 looking good in Los Angeles colors, clearly he already has begun his offseason verbal sparring sessions. It should be a very fun July ahead.

Anna Harden

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