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Florida School Safety Bill

The Florida Legislature updated some school security regulations. This includes requiring schools to keep all entrances and exits to classrooms, buildings and the larger campus locked when students are present. There is some pushback from local school district officials, who say securing all areas could cost millions of dollars and limit the movement of students and staff around the school. Other security measures being discussed include requiring visitors to pass through a secure entrance to get into the administration office and having their ID checked before entering through another locked door into an area where students are present.

More money flows into the state government

Florida's Office for Economic and Demographic Research says total state revenues in April exceeded expectations by $411.4 million. During the same period, the state collected $4.1 billion. The majority of Florida's total revenues come from sales taxes. Corporate tax revenues were also higher than expected at $66.7 million, totaling $294.6 million. For ten consecutive months, revenues were higher than expected, driven by an increase in consumer spending and a recovery in tourism.

Florida's new Office of Marine Economics

Florida lawmakers created the facility as a statewide initiative to leverage public and private research, education, technology and business applications related to water. Supporters said the initiative serves to establish the state's positioning in a global economy.

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