Perla's Pizza, Michael Collantes' non-conformist pizza house, will reopen this fall in Winter Park | Orlando

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Sliced ​​pepperoni, Calabrese peppers and bananas on pizza at Perla's

Michael Collantes is reviving Perla's Pizza, the pie concept he started in February 2021 with Christian Ziegler (no, not that Christian Ziegler) before the two mutually agreed to close the business just six months into its existence.

Ziegler took over Perla's shop on Virginia Drive and reopened it as Ziggie's Pizza. But later this year, Collantes will open Perla's Pizza v2.0 two doors down from his omakase restaurant Soseki and next to his sake lounge Bar Kada in Winter Park.

In my May 2021 review, I said I'm a fan of the non-conformist cakes baked at Perla's, especially the unconventional toppings like pineapple jam and (my favorite) bananas:

So go ahead and devour a red sauce cheese pizza studded with rolled up slices of pepperoni, bell peppers and bananas. That's right, bananas. Call me bananas, but it's a great combination. The only thing missing? More bananas. The fruity flavor was subtle at best, and I wanted to, er, taste the bananas in this pizza they call “It's Bananas.” Speaking of which, remember Bananas Magazine? Man, I was crazy about it. That is, until they put Scott Baio on the cover. Ugh!

So will bananas make it onto the menu at the new Perla's?

“All I can say is that it's Florida Man Pizza,” says Collantes. “We use pizza as a vessel to create something delicious and unconventional. Basically, we just love eating pizza. And yes, bananas will end up on our pizza.”


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Future home of Perla's Pizza

And here's the thing, Florida Man: Collantes promises even more crazy combinations this time. “Every pizza place in New York City has this penne pizza with vodka. We're going to make a variation of it called Mom's Spaghetti.”

Oh, maybe there will be meatballs…and bananas.

Perla's Pizza will open in “late fall” at 959 W. Fairbanks Ave. in the space that previously housed the Winter Park Collective and, before that, the Wine Barn.

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