Peacocks roam wild in an Arizona neighborhood

PHOENIX (CNN, KYMA/KECY) – In a Phoenix neighborhood, people are crying foul over some neighbors. They're loud, damaging cars and flying around. They're three tame peacocks.

And now some neighbors are saying that they may be pretty, exotic birds, but they are also annoying pests.

Peacocks roam a neighborhood in east Phoenix.

“I mean, they scream at all hours of the day,” said Noel Chavira, a neighbor.

“Sometimes there is just chaos”

These exotic birds are often seen flying onto rooftops, jumping over fences, and wandering along the streets. They even climb onto and into cars!

“Sometimes they are just in chaos,” said Chavira.

There are three and we were told they are pets, but neighbors say they rarely go into their own yard.

Chavira has lived here his whole life and says the peacocks have been there for years. While Chavira says they are friendly, in the last month or so he has noticed the brightly-feathered animals damaging some of his cars.

“I have scratches all over the hood and roof, chips in the paint,” said Chavira.

A request

Chavira owns a car dealership and says he sometimes takes the cars he wants to sell home to make sure they run smoothly, but he says it's a hassle to have to worry about protecting his property from peacocks.

“If you try to scare them away, you'll only make it worse because they'll just run all over the car,” Chavira added.

Other neighbors say they don't mind having wildlife so close to their home.

“They are here and sometimes they climb, but it doesn’t cause any problems for us,” said Daniela Estrada, another neighbor.

Noel has one request: “I just want a safe place to park my car. You know, I don't necessarily like them jumping on it, but I mean, I don't want to do anything bad to these peacocks.”

In fact, it is illegal to keep peacocks as pets in Phoenix, and the owner of the peacocks did not respond to a request for comment.

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