Experts say when things will calm down

Cicada-geddon 2024 was a bit of a strange experience.

In the months leading up to this “historic emergence,” many experts told us that the entire state of Illinois would literally be filled with the incessant mating calls of billions upon billions, if not a trillion, 17-year-old cicadas, but would then be drowned out.

Talking to people, it became clear that in some areas the cicada population is actually as high as all the hype promised. Cicadas are crawling everywhere, climbing into the nearest trees, it is a breathtaking noise and of course there is a lot of cicada urine (also known as “honeydew”) flying around everywhere.

We go wherever we want. (Getty Images)

We go wherever we want. (Getty Images)

In other places, like my neighborhood and the neighborhood around our building, there have been very few or no cicadas. A friend in Pecatonica, however, says the cicadas are so dense and loud that she sometimes can't hear her own thoughts.

I guess we can abandon our notions of uniform cicada populations across the state.


Us too. (Getty Images)

Just like having relatives over, the whole cicadas thing quickly got boring and turned into a “now that they’re here, when will they leave” scenario

Unlike everyone's relative who stays too long, cicadas won't pay for an expensive dinner to make up for their bad behavior before they disappear. They'll just drop dead in your yard when their party is over, unless something eats them first.

It would be creepy if relatives did that. Most of the time.

So how can you tell that cicada season is almost over…or at least half over?

Search for:

Periodical Brood-X cicadas mating on a wooden deck.

Getty Images

Or this:

Cicada mating

Getty Images

And of course this:

Cicada mating

Getty Images

Once you see cicadas mating, especially in trees, you can feel better knowing that Cicada-Geddon 2024 has reached or passed the halfway point

Dr. Cicada, also known as John Cooley, an entomology professor at the University of Connecticut, told “…they're really there. When you see a lot of them up in the trees, you know we've reached the peak. It will stay that way for a while, depending on the weather, and then they'll disappear.

After mating, eggs are laid, followed by a mass death of the cicadas, with the bodies of the cicadas remaining scattered on the ground.

Cicada experts continue to theorize that our entire cicada experience will be almost complete in time for Independence Day on July 4th.

The consequences could be as follows:

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