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It’s Qualification Week in Florida – the time when candidates for elected office file their campaign materials and meet other legal requirements to appear on the ballot.

Qualification runs from Monday noon to Friday noon. After the qualification phase, a process that usually eliminates some potential candidates, the field for each office to be filled in 2024 is set, provided there are no last-minute dropouts.

Candidates qualify for the ballot in part by collecting voter signatures or paying fees, the amount of which varies from office to office. The deadline to qualify by voter signature passed last month. Candidates for certain judgeships and certain offices in several districts qualified in April.

Here is a list of candidates who have filed to run and whether they are qualified for the 2024 election. Qualified candidates will be identified as such, with their names in bold. The list will be updated throughout the week on

State Senate, District 3

  • Kimblin Eugene Nesmith (Democrat).
  • Daryl Parks (Democrat): Qualified.
  • Corey Simon (incumbent, Republican): Qualified.

State House, District 7

  • Kenneth “Kenny” Beasley (Democrat).
  • Jason Shoaf (incumbent, Republican): Qualified.

State House, District 8

  • Gallop Franklin (incumbent, Democrat).
  • Grace Da'nice Glass (Republican)

State House, District 9

  • Allison Tant (incumbent, Democrat): Qualified.

Leon County Clerk of Court

  • Gwen Marshall (incumbent).

Real Estate Appraisers in Leon County

  • Akin Akinyemi (Incumbent): Qualified.
  • Kenneth “Ken” Preston. Qualified.

Leon County Tax Collector

  • Doris Maloy (incumbent).

Leon County School Board

  • Joseph Lamar Burgess (no party affiliation).
  • Rocky Hanna (incumbent, Democrat).
  • Genleah Star Swain (Democrat).

Leon County Election Commissioner

  • Mark Earley (incumbent, Democrat).

Leon County Commission at Large

  • Carolyn Cummings (Incumbent): Qualified.
  • David Hawkins. Qualified.

Leon County Commission, District 2

  • Christian Caban (incumbent).

Leon County Commission, District 4

  • Isaac Montilla.
  • Brian Welch (incumbent): Qualified.

Leon County School Board District 2

  • Rosanne Wood (Incumbent): Qualified.
  • Daniel Zeruto. Qualified.

Leon County School Board, District 4

  • Laurie Lawson-Cox (Incumbent): Qualified.
  • Jeremy Rogers.

Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1

  • ^ “Anthony DeMarco”.
  • Louis Dilbert.
  • Rudy Ferguson Sr.
  • Jack Porter (incumbent).
  • David Wamsley. (Wamsley announced that he would like to drop out of the race.)

Tallahassee City Commission Seat 2

  • Dorothy Inman Johnson.
  • Curtis Richardson (Official): Qualified.
  • Bernard Stevens Jr.

Candidates who qualified in April

Certain elected judges and officials from several counties qualified for the ballot in April. State's Attorney Jack Campbell, Public Defender Jessica Yeary, Leon County Judge Monique Richardson, and District Judges Barbara Hobbs, Ron Flury, Frank Allman, Robert Wheeler, and David Frank all qualified unopposed. This means they will automatically be reelected and their names will not appear on the 2024 ballot.

A hotly contested judicial seat is up for election, namely the fourth judge seat in Leon County. Three candidates, Cydnee Brown, Robert Churchill and LaShawn Riggans, are vying to succeed Leon County Judge Augustus Aikens Jr., who is retiring due to age.

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