Review: Gunna's 'Bittersweet' tour gets icy in Orlando, with high-octane results | Tampa

Last Sunday night, Gunna took his performance at the Kia Center Orlando to an exceptional level. The Atlanta rapper delivered a high-octane show, enhanced by a production design that seamlessly transitioned from arctic landscapes to post-apocalyptic vistas and even featured a snowman, creating a visually captivating story.

The spectacle began with the giant white creature entering the stage, accompanied by theatrical sound effects, dynamic lighting and small bubbles mimicking a snowstorm. The creature stalked across the stage while a video of a polar scene was projected onto a white cloth. Suddenly, Gunna's voice rang out, announcing his new single “Bittersweet” as he moved through the audience. Singing, he made his way to the stage where the creature continued its menacing patrol.

For “Whatsapp,” Gunna replaced the snowman and unveiled a striking white and brown polar outfit, complete with fur boots that matched his oversized, hooded fur hat. As a solo performer, he delivered his verses with finesse, and as the concert progressed, the crowd enthusiastically chanted newer songs like “Prada Dem” and “Back at It,” enlivening Gunna's performance.

Audience members quickly realized they were an integral part of the production as the auditorium was filled with thunder and lightning. An ocean storm was projected, leading to the underwater excavation of a mysterious artifact. As the artifact emerged from the depths, the cloth fell, revealing a colossal statue of Gunna's head onstage.

Re-emerging in disco ball-style pants and a gray tank top, Gunna positioned himself atop the monumental prop to continue with “Back at It.” A video screen behind the statue's head displayed an ever-changing background that just showed running water. He sang “Bottom” upside down before descending at the end of the song, continuing his relentless pace through his repertoire and launching into “Ca$h $hit,” “idk nomore,” and several other tracks. His vocals remained robust, his singing and rapping equally clear and powerful. Additionally, Gunna's stamina was remarkable, showing no signs of fatigue as he energetically performed one song after another, with minimal background music and by rapping every single word.

Using the giant prop head as a seat, Gunna performed collaborations like Nav and Travis Scott's “Yosemite.” For his final outfit change, Gunna wore sleek black jeans, a black tank top, and a black leather jacket adorned with feathers. He closed out his extensive, 30-song, two-hour set with crowd favorites like his Young Thug collaboration, “Ski,” and the wildly popular “Pushin P.”

Mobile, Alabama rapper Flo Milli opened the show with an electrifying 30-minute set. Wearing a black bodysuit and fur boots that complemented Gunna's frosty theme, her long, straight hair cascaded past her hips as she took the stage with sensual dance moves and a dynamic performance. Flo Milli performed tracks from her last three projects, including Like this bitch from her 2020 mixtape Hey, why are you here? and “Conceited.” She ended her set triumphantly with fan favorite “Never Lose Me,” her latest viral TikTok record.

Photo by Isaiah Stephens

Flo Milli plays at the Kia Center in Orlando, Florida on June 9, 2024.

Gunna setlist
Whatsapp (Whatsapp)
Prada The
Money $ Hit
I do not know anymore
From south to west
Dollaz on my head
Sold out dates
Dripping too much
Fill up
Poochie Dress
Bad Girls
Baby Birkin
Treesh (unreleased)
Rely on me
In order
bread butter
Back to the moon
Turned his back on you
Getting crazy
I was just thinking
Drowning or dripping
Oh, okay
P push
Rodeo Dr.
Live wild
Blessing – Remix

Flo Milli Setlist
We do not limp
Bundle 2
Beef FloMix
In the party
Never lose me

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