LIVE updates on Georgia vs NC State

The final Super Regional duel between the Georgia Bulldogs (7th place) and the NC State Wolfpack (10th place) begins Monday evening at 7:06 p.m. EST.

These two teams have traded two wins each in the first two games, with NC State winning the first game 18 to 1 and Georgia winning the second 11 to 2. We haven't exactly seen a close baseball game between these two teams, but Monday night will likely be just as close, as it's the final game of the winner-takes-all series.

First inning:
Above – Zach Harris is expected to start for Georgia.

Below – Logan Whitaker is expected to start for NC State.

Teams that made it to the College World Series
– North Carolina Region
– Miami area, United States
– Washington Region, United States of America
– Texas A&M
– Washington Region, United States of America
– State of Florida
– Virginia Region
– Game 3 Winner: Georgia vs. NC State

This article will be updated throughout the Georgia-NC State game on Monday night.

How to watch: ESPN
Start time: 7:06 EST
Where: Foley Field

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