The Master Closet in this Idaho listing is incredibly funny

Fake Idahomes for sale!

We know that we do not speak for everyone on this point, but isn’t it a hint of fresh air when you come across a listing that looks… habitable?!

On Boise Zillow, house after house joins a revolving door of sterile, fictional homes where every pillow is perfectly fluffed and more staged than a five-star Broadway play.

Not only do the kitchens look as if they have never seen dirty dishes or a splash of spaghetti sauce, the aesthetic of the bathrooms suggests they wouldn't be able to tell a shart from a ghost shit. They're beautiful, but in a creepy, Stepford-esque way. Let's face it, most of us don't live like that.

We want to see REAL properties!

It doesn't matter if it's a starter home or a whopping $1.7 million Eagle Mansion, we want to see more homes where real people can live like real people.

Give us the goods: children's artwork on the fridge, a cozy stack throw Blankets actually thrown on the sofa, unkempt man caves, master bedroom with an armchair full of clothes in one corner And a collection of water bottles and pills on the nightstand… we are here for it.

On the rare Opportunity When you come across a listing that checks any of these boxes, it's like finding a unicorn in a sea of ​​run-of-the-mill Idaho house clones.

A few realistic details make it easier to imagine living there with your brood of wild children. You can imagine cooking a family meal in that kitchen. that was seasoned with love and a pinch of culinary chaos. It is these quirks that Give your home a personality you won't find at IKEA or on the pages of Magnolia.

So, cheers to listings like the one in the gallery below, which show snippets of everyday life. Some of us need to be reminded that houses are made to live in. After all, nobody ever said, “Show house, cute show house,” did they?

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  • A $1.7 million home with a closet that makes it seem incredibly authentic

  • The AMAZING Caldwell mansion that houses a hidden '50s-style diner

  • This historic Treasure Valley home looks like an antique dollhouse

  • The water slide in an incredible $3 million Eagle mansion will blow your mind

  • A look at Idaho's most expensive home currently on the market

  • The master closet in this $1 million+ Boise home will make you laugh

The master closet in this $1.7 million Boise-area home will make you laugh 😆

Hats off to the current homeowners for giving us something rare and real to laugh about with this dressing room!

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

This incredible Caldwell mansion has its own hidden '50s-style diner

The incredible waterslide in this $3 million Eagle Mansion makes us dream of summer

This incredible home was built in 2015 and has been greatly enhanced with the addition of this pool!

Gallery credit: Michelle Heart

This historic Caldwell home looks like an antique dollhouse

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Take a look inside the wonder of the most expensive home for sale in Idaho

As of May 2024, this home will be the most expensive in Idaho!

Gallery credit: Michelle Heart

The master closet in this $1.7 million Boise-area home will make you laugh 😆

Hats off to the current homeowners for giving us something rare and real to laugh about with this dressing room!

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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  • The secret room hidden behind a bookshelf in a Boise-area mansion

  • Dog lovers, this $3.9 million Boise mansion has a dog spa

  • This multi-million dollar home in Boise has only THREE bedrooms

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  • 10 reasons why we would never leave this house in Idaho if it were ours

  • $1.6 million Idaho home with hidden safe and chandelier-lit closets

  • A look at Boise's historic and truly strange blue Queen Anne house

🕵🏼‍♀️ Crime fans will love the search for the secret room in a $1.3 million Garden City home [PICS]

📙 Crime novel fans will be enchanted by the mystery of this garden city beauty!

💎 This Treasure Valley riverfront gem costs $1.3 million and features a secret room.

🕵🏽‍♂️ Use your expert detective skills to find his hidden habitat!

We’ll reveal the secret location at the end of the gallery!

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

This $3.9 million Boise mansion offers sensational views and a dog spa

If spectacular views of downtown Boise and an on-site high-end dog spa are at the top of your list, we just found your real estate soul mate.

Dog owners should be prepared for your pet to have his mind and fur blown away at a pet spa worthy of a four-legged king or queen.

You don't have a pet? No problem.

This property has something for everyone. It is the perfect balance between quiet country living and city life!

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Why this multimillion-dollar home in Boise only has 3 bedrooms

This property for sale has a hefty price tag and only 3 bedrooms. Here's why…

Gallery credit: Chris Cardenas

10 luxurious reasons to never leave this Idaho home

The home for sale is located in Idaho Falls and when you purchase it, you'll see that there are ten perfect reasons why you'll never want to leave.

Gallery credit: Chris Cardenas

$1.6 million Idaho home features a closet with two chandeliers and a hidden safe room

A home in Pocatello was just added to Zillow with a price tag of $1.6 million. The home features a walk-in closet with double chandeliers as well as a safe room.

Let's take a quick look at how massive the house is from the outside, and then we'll talk from the entrance to the security room. Let's get started!

Gallery credit: Chris Cardenas

Jones House: Boise's historic 1893 Queen Anne home

The historic Queen Anne Jones House in Boise survived a move and was recently revitalized through a complete restoration led by the Idaho Preservation Society.

Gallery credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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