2 people rescued from boat fire at Mackay Reservoir –

MACKAY, Idaho (KIFI) – Two people were able to escape from a boat that caught fire in Mackay Reservoir Friday night.

The boat was a 1968 cabin cruiser owned by John Matthews of Blackfoot.

Matthews and his girlfriend Carrie Penoyer had planned to sail their boat across the water, anchor there and spend the night on board.

They were idling when Matthews heard a loud explosion and saw that the boat's engine compartment had been thrown into the water.

Matthews tried to put out the fire, but soon the boat was in flames.

Both Matthews and Penoyer jumped into the reservoir to escape the flames.

Since they didn't have time to get their life jackets, they used some kind of throwing device to stay afloat.

David King, along with his brothers Sam King and Jeff Evans, were just arriving at the reservoir when they saw the explosion.

They ran at full speed towards the couple, grabbed them by the arms, quickly moved away from the fire and helped them into the boat.

“David King and his two companions definitely saved the lives of these two people,” said Custer County Sheriff’s Deputy Haugh.

“The water temperature was between 10 and 15 degrees. Around 15 degrees. It was windy. They were way out to sea. He (Matthews) said they never made it to shore. But luckily for them, David King and his brother and friend were out there, rescuing them and bringing them to shore. They were the ones who saved their lives.”

DiAnn Moir shared a video of the boat completely engulfed in flames.

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