What is the perfect Montana style potato chip flavor?

What if we had a Montana flavored potato chip?

I love eating salty snacks, and potato chips are one of my first choices when I reach for something tasty. The fat, the salt, the crunch – yum! Potato chips are one of my few borderline food addictions. I can easily consume a “party size” bag of Lay's (now only 12.5 ounces, thanks to shrinkflation) in two to three sittings.

Photo credit: Lay's

Photo credit: Lay's

Lay's has launched a great new range of seasonal flavours for 2024.

The limited-edition seasonal flavor combinations always catch my eye on grocery store shelves. This year, the company has four new limited-edition chip flavors. Three of them are designed to represent regions of the United States: West Coast, East Coast and Midwest.

The West Coast taste is Crispy TacoEast coast is BLT sandwichand Midwest is Fried Cucumbers with RanchThe fourth limited edition flavor is Lime and ground pepper (Kettle Chips) at selected retailers.

Canadians love ketchup chips. Source: Canva

Canadians reportedly love ketchup-flavored chips. Source: Canva

Remember the ketchup flavored chips?

Canadians have reportedly enjoyed ketchup-flavored potato chips since the '80s, and they're somewhat popular in some parts of the U.S. In 2018, Lay's launched its ketchup-flavored chips nationwide as part of its Taste of America series.

They have developed all sorts of crazy flavors for chips with food combinations over the years including Deep Dish Pizza, Crab Spice, Chili Con Queso, Beer and Brats and many more. I have tried most of them, some of them were great, others I was less impressed with.

Taste of the Rocky Mountain Oyster? Source: Canva

Credit Canva

If Montana had a chip flavor…

Food and Wine raved that Lay's 2024 nostalgic-inspired chip flavors would “remind you of home.” That got me wondering which potato chip flavor would best represent Montana. Smoked trout potato chips don't sound very appealing, no matter how clever the marketing.



Steakhouse chips? Sweet and spicy blueberry BBQ?

The company already makes ribeye steak-flavored chips, which are available in China and online at import specialty stores. This chip, renamed the “Steakhouse” flavor, might remind me of Big Sky Country. Many Montanans might enjoy chips in the “BBQ Huckleberry” flavor, which would fairly accurately reflect the Treasure State's flavor profile.

What other crazy Montana-inspired flavors could the food scientists at Lay's whip up? We'd love to hear your thoughts, whether serious or silly. Leave a comment if you're reading this on Facebook or send a message in our app chat.

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