FFA members celebrate the 96th Illinois State Convention

From June 11-13, the streets of downtown Springfield will be filled with Bluejackets. The Bank of Springfield Center will be the site of the 96th Illinois FFA State Convention.

This convention is an opportunity to showcase all the accomplishments of our state's high school agriculture programs. From awards ceremonies to motivational speeches and workshops to a community service project and more, this convention is a great celebration for the next generation of agriculture leaders.

Newschannel 20's Eliza Petry had the opportunity to meet with the 2023-2024 Illinois FFA State Officer team to learn what they are most looking forward to.

  • “The opportunity to celebrate our state winners and finalists is really great.” – Thaddeus Bergschneider, State President of the IL FFA
  • “The opportunity to see the members across the state that we have met through chapter visits, various conferences and the like.” – Benjamin Bremmer, IL FFA State Treasurer
  • “What I like most about the FFA State Convention is the era of FFA that we have. We have future FFA members in the audience, we have our current FFA members and then we have former FFA members who come back to help.” -Cooper Nelson, IL FFA State Reporter
  • “The best part of the convention for me is being able to see everyone I have seen throughout the year and share memories from the entire year with others.” -Riley Kessler, IL FFA State Secretary
  • “We see areas where FFA members really shine and can learn from each of them.” -Eric Wisley, IL FFA State Vice President

The Illinois FFA expects approximately seven thousand participants this year, including FFA members, agricultural educators, supporters and guests.

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