Senator Hughes comments on House passage of HB2370: “Necessary step to fix Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional education funding system”

Harrisburg, PA – June 10, 2024 – Senator Vincent Hughes, Chairman of the Democratic Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement today following the House's passage of HB2370, a landmark bill that fulfills the House's mandate to fully and constitutionally fund Pennsylvania's public schools.

“The passage of House Bill 2370 is an important and necessary step toward correcting Pennsylvania's unconstitutional education funding system. I applaud every member of the House of Representatives for seizing the opportunity and voting for equal rights for all Pennsylvania students.

The Commonwealth Court's decision directs us to address a funding problem that has affected generations of students.

We have a surplus of $15 billion to address the civil rights issue of our time and to meet the needs of students who need equal access to a 21st century, the same education as their peers in wealthier school districts.

Now is the time to act to ensure that all Pennsylvania students have equal access to learning opportunities and resources, safe and healthy school buildings, and adequate teachers and support staff.

My Democratic colleagues and I in the Senate are prepared to pass HB2370 and send it to the Governor. We strongly encourage Senate Republicans, who hold the majority, to do what is morally And Be financially responsible for Pennsylvania's students and future by supporting this legislation.

I've been fighting this fight for a long time, and I'm proud of every advocate, every leader, and every legislator who has stood by me and not given up. We are so close to the finish line of making a real impact for our K-12 students, and we won't stop until we get the job done.”


Anna Harden

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