How long are you legally allowed to keep license plates from another state after moving to Maine?

Living in vacation country, it's not uncommon to see out-of-state license plates on Maine's roads. But what about the people who actually moved here?

Anthony asked the CBS13 I-Team:

β€œIs it legal to live in Maine and still have license plates from another state on your car?”

The answer is: not for very long.

Maine state law requires you to register your vehicle within 30 days of establishing residence here.

According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, this means you will need to bring your title and registration, as well as proof of insurance from another state, to your municipality.

Most cities and towns collect your excise tax, process your registration, and issue new Maine state license plates.

As longtime Maine residents know, you must have your vehicle inspected every year.

If no inspections have been carried out in your state of origin, municipal employees will give you a permit to take you to an inspection station. You must do this immediately after registering your vehicle.

If your state had an inspection program, Maine will honor it until it expires.

This may sound like a lot of steps, but if you keep your old license plates, you could face a traffic violation with a fine of between $50 and $500.

And if you do this for more than 150 days, you could be charged with a Class E felony.

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