Five universities that Texas Tech fans would like to kick out of the Big 12

The world of college sports has been obsessed with conference realignment for over a decade, but the focus has been on what the conferences add rather than what they take away.

It seems like the idea is to add as many attractive universities as possible to ensure that the league remains as stable as possible in the most unstable state college sports has ever seen.

No conference embodies this spirit better than the Big 12. In the short time Brett Yormark has been league commissioner, six more teams have been added to the Big 12, making it the most aggressive conference in the country.

That's not to say fans approve of all the changes this league has made over the past 15 years, though. In fact, there are schools Texas Tech fans would gladly kick out of the Big 12 if that were possible. Let's look at some schools the Red Raiders would gladly see kicked out of the conference, starting with one that never wanted Tech in the league to begin with.

Texas Tech and TCU are rivals, and in the current state of the Big 12, rivalries are hard for the Red Raiders to achieve. That's because out-of-state programs like Texas and Texas A&M have moved to the SEC, reducing the number of programs in the Big 12 that Texas Tech fans really hate.

Still, it would be better for Texas Tech's overall interests if TCU were excluded from the league, because the presence of a Big 12 team in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area is neither what the Red Raiders want nor need.

When TCU was admitted to the Big 12 in 2011, the Texas Tech administration and powers that be were strongly opposed. However, since TCU's admission was inevitable, the Red Raiders' leadership agreed to the plan to bring the Horned Frogs on board.

Adding TCU to the mix hurt Texas Tech more than other programs in the conference. That's because Tech relies heavily on the Dallas/Fort Worth area as its primary recruiting base, given West Texas's low population density.

That the Frogs can now offer Big 12 experience while allowing Dallas/Fort Worth athletes to stay close to home has undoubtedly hurt Tech's recruiting (though Joey McGuire is changing that story). Programs like Texas, OU and Texas A&M don't typically target the same recruits as Tech, but TCU always seems to be an option for a player the Red Raiders offer.

For years, TCU couldn't recruit with Tech because they didn't have the chance to showcase themselves as a major conference program. Now they can and that's a problem. So if Tech could push TCU back into the Mountain West, it certainly would.

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