Two popular Montana cities make the list for the perfect vacation at home.

It's holiday season in Montana and we recently shared 5 Out-of-State Places You Can Travel To and Savebut what about those who want to stay?

With people across the state struggling to make ends meet, some Montana residents are having to make difficult budget decisions, and for many families, family vacations are one of the first things to go. But for those looking to spend time with the family and do some activities together, there are options here in Big Sky Country.

Two cities in Montana just made it onto the list of the best staycations in America.

Our friends at WalletHub took a trip across the United States to find the best places for a stay-at-home vacation, and here in Montana, two popular cities made the list. Before we reveal which two cities in Montana are perfect for a stay-at-home vacation, check out these great destinations for a Montana road trip.

5 of the best road trips in Montana

For those who love to hit the highway, Montana has over 70,000 miles of open roads to offer, and many of these roads lead to some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you love a good road trip and want to spend time with family or friends, here are 5 of the best road trips in Montana.

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

Which two cities in Montana made the list of “best vacation spots at home”?

According to the data, there is hardly anything better for the perfect Montana vacation than the two cities of Billings and Missoula.

While some locals may disagree with the two options, WalletHub used the following metrics to rank all the destinations on the list.

  • Recovery rank
  • Food and Entertainment Ranking
  • Rest and relaxation rank

So which Montana city performed best? According to the data, Missoula comes out on top with an overall ranking of 51, followed by Billings with a ranking of 64. Both cities have several advantages, as they are relatively close to national parks, and the fact that the two cities are the largest in the state certainly doesn't hurt.

Image credit: Canva
Image credit: Canva

With plenty of restaurants and activities, both Billings and Missoula offer Montana residents the opportunity to relax and enjoy some of the best things the Treasure State has to offer.

Where is your favorite Montana vacation spot? What makes it so great? Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app.

The most “Montana”-typical cities in Montana

If you're looking for the best that Montana has to offer, the first thing you should do is ask a local. And that's exactly what we did. We wanted to know which cities in Montana are the most “Montana,” and who better to ask than the folks who were born and raised in the Treasure State?

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

The most popular lakes in Montana

Montana offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and with over 3,000 lakes in the Treasure State, those who enjoy spending time on the water have plenty of options. From the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi to the crystal clear waters of our national parks, check out the most popular lakes in Montana.

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

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