Best restaurant for French fries in Tallahassee? Tell us your favorite restaurant

Whether wavy, straight, steak-shaped or curly, most agree that crispy French fries are an unbeatable side dish. Some wouldn't even call the fried potatoes a side dish, but instead become the main attraction when cleverly combined with an eclectic selection of sauces, meats, cheeses, peppers, spices and more.

After National Hamburger Day, it's only right to also celebrate the key component that rounds out the whole dish. National French Fry Day is July 12, and the 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11—France being the original home of the French fry, of course, but in the States, we've claimed it as our own treasure.

Please read on to cast your vote for your favorite Tallahassee French fry restaurant. The winner will be featured in a nationwide results report from our sister publication, USA TODAY.

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To keep you on track of fries, here are a few nearby restaurants you may want to consider.

Getaway Grille and Bar

2386 Allen Road, 448-209-9075;

You may know them for their popular grouper sandwich, but Getaway Grille and Bar's absolute highlight isn't complete without their Sidewinder fries to go with it. The thick-cut fries, which are almost half-curl-shaped (a perfect ladle to scoop up some of their Getaway sauce), are seasoned with a harmonious blend of spices using Cajun seasoning, which adds some color and spice to the side dish.

Summer Smokehouse

9330 W Tennessee St, 850-270-9965; Facebook

Perched on a hill near West Tennessee Street, you won't want to miss what Summers Smokehouse has to offer. Generous plates of sumptuous Summers Smokehouse premium meat sandwiches can only get better with homemade chips. Simply seasoned, yet a delicious complement to the famous smoked delicacies.

Liberty Bar

1307 N Monroe St Unit #2; 850-354-8277;

French fries are a popular side or main dish at Liberty Bar and are featured on both the dinner and late night menu. With their thin cut, crispy outside and fluffy inside, the fries are the perfect accompaniment to steak frites. Order them to share or as a snack with cheddar, bacon, spring onions and crème fraîche. Thank you!

The Edison

470 Suwannee St., 850-765-9771; menu:

After a stroll through scenic Cascades Park, work up an appetite and head to The Edison for a snack or meal, where they serve delicious French fries. The menu description says it all. “Tallahassee Tailgate Fries: Choice of crispy French fries or sweet potato fries, topped with our signature Daytona dip, cheddar cheese and green onions.”

Madison Social

705 pp. Woodward, 850-894-6276;

Sometimes after a big game, you just have to start with fries to settle your stomach. Madison Social, located on the edge of Doak Campbell Stadium, offers plenty of sides, but French fries are the way to go if you choose. Cool off with the Garlic Herb Bistro Fries or the Sweet Potato Fries.

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Which Tallahassee restaurant has your favorite fries? Let us know. The deadline to vote is June 20th at 11 p.m. An article with the results will then be published on June 26th.

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