Marijuana will zap Ohioans’ enthusiasm. Stay clear of ‘Paul’s Pot Shop.’


  • Stay away from ‘Paul’s Pot Shop’
  • Biden trial proof legal system not flawed
  • Politicians will say anything to keep power. We should repeat lies.
  • Stay away from ‘Paul’s Pot Shop’
  • Jail investigation worth price of Dispatch

Stay away from ‘Paul’s Pot Shop’

Recreational dope is coming to Paul’s Pot Shop near you and it is ok just to say ‘no, thank you’ to becoming a stoner.

Who needs a drug that zaps your enthusiasm, makes you lethargic and put pounds on you due to getting munchies? Using grass is not cool unless it is medically necessary and just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is a smart thing to do.

Where you can’t buy recreational weed. 54 Ohio towns will ban sales despite legalization of marijuana.

Nancy Reagan preached “Just Say No,” and she was correct.

Michael Oser, Columbus

When are we going to hold the VA accountable?

I write you today after years of watching my loved one suffer at the hands of the Columbus VA.

My husband is considered 100% disabled, which means the government has agreed his injuries, which were sustained in combat, are severe enough they will take care of his health care for the rest of his life.

When he received his 100% rating we breathed a sigh of relief. That relief quickly turned to anger and frustration as I watched him suffer at the hands of the Chalmers P. Wylie VA staff.

He has been wrongfully denied access to community care, his patient rights have been violated, he’s been made fun of by doctors and staff have stonewalled and verbally abused him.

He has written appeals, called a senator and fought valiantly just to be turned down.

We asked these men and women to fight for our county and they fulfilled their part of the contract. When are we going to hold the VA accountable? Creating intentional barriers to care is keeping our veterans sick and suffering.

As you enjoy your July 4 parades and BBQs, remember something must be done to protect our veterans; they cannot fight alone any longer.

Hannah Dingman, Columbus

An amoral, self-dealing, lying, cheating hypocrite runs for office

When someone says that they like Trump’s policies, I say this: Since the day Trump came down the golden escalator, he has proven himself to be an amoral, self-dealing, lying, cheating hypocrite.

Based on his attacks against our democracy, our Constitution, our institutions and our rule of law, in my opinion, he is also treasonous. He is an adjudicated sexual abuser, an adjudicated business fraud and now he is a convicted felon.

These are all labels he has invited upon himself, many he and his minions claim proudly. What depths of depravity are we going to allow him to reach?

Such a person cannot be a good president. Such a party is not capable of working in the best interests of the country as a whole.

The only way this country is going to have a government that functions effectively is for all its citizens is to decisively vote this bad man and his MAGA party into the dust bin of history.

Please get registered and make your voice heard.

Richard D. Back, New Albany

Jail investigation worth price of Dispatch

Investigative stories like the recent reports of deaths in our jails are why I find the Dispatch well worth the cost of a subscription.

Gov. Mike DeWine: Jail deaths should be investigated by an outside agency, not sheriffs

Most news is widely available, but your investigations are invaluable.

Thank you. Well done.

Marjorie Menaul, Columbus

What’s on your mind? How to submit a letter to the editor for The Columbus Dispatch

Unconstitutional and immoral treatment of inmates

Great editorial June 6 on the shameful deaths of innocent individuals, and the need for humane treatment, in Ohio jails.

The editorial reported more people have died in Ohio’s jails over the past four years than the number of inmates on death row, even though 166 of the jail inmates had not been convicted of any crime. 

Our view: Ohio jails shouldn’t be death sentences for those with drug, mental health issues

The editorial further reported that one inmate, Isaiah, “begged for his meds, saying, ‘if I have meds, it’ll [self-injurious behavior] stop.’”  Isaiah was apparently not given his medication, and he died.   

Unfortunately, that refusal of medicine was not unique, since the editorial reported “jail personnel often . . . withheld life-saving medicine and equipment.” 

Special Investigation: In Ohio’s jails 220 inmates have died in 4 years

Depriving pretrial detainees of their medication is unconstitutional, not simply immoral. 

Indeed, in Cudnik v. Kreiger (N.D. Ohio 1974), the District Court ruled that depriving a pretrial detainee of her medication deprived the jail inmate of her constitutional rights: policy of withholding medicine “thus constitutes punishment imposed without a finding of criminal culpability and, as such, is violative of fundamental due process rights.”

To prevent jail deaths, the Ohio General Assembly should enact legislation requiring medical care for jail inmates and not be satisfied with only after-the-fact investigations.

Douglas Rogers, Bexley

Biden trial proof legal system not flawed

Donald Trump supporters lost a talking point June 11, not that it, like nearly all of its talking points, was ever a valid one, when Hunter Biden was found guilty on three federal felony counts.

Cries that there are two justice systems, one that President Joe Biden is using simply to “get” Trump, guilty on 34 charges, now ring even hollower.

Biden, with zero say in state matters, had nothing to do with Trump’s charges, filed by a grand jury consisting of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, nor with his son’s convictions, found by a jury also consisting of a similar group.

Conversely, although Joe Biden could have gotten involved in his son’s federal case, he not only did not, except to show, along with his wife and family, their love and support for him, but he also stated that he would not grant Hunter a pardon if convicted, unlike what Trump has promised to do with the Jan. 6 insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol and assaulted police officers with our nation’s flag.

We have only one system of justice. We simply need good men and honorable politicians like Joe Biden to show us the way in exemplary fashion.

Greg Ward, Dublin

Politicians will say anything to keep power. We should repeat lies.

Re “Don’t spread lies about Trump trial,” June 12: I have always loved teaching and caring for children.

One of the pleasures I have is watching them interpret the world as they grow.

A 3-year-old I care for told me I was being disrespectful because I wouldn’t let her have/do something she wanted.

Obviously, her parents had admonished her for being disrespectful in the past, but in this case she was either misunderstanding the meaning of the word or trying to manipulate me. She was a very smart girl. 

Donald Trump’s conviction was justice. Lying about it dangerous to our fragile democracy.

I equate this with the actions I am seeing many adults exhibit these days. They seize on terms and phrases they don’t completely understand (critical race theory, ballot harvesting, “Stop the Steal,” “Make America Great Again”), and run with without enough information.

Zach Klein’s June 8, guest column addresses this and how dangerous it can be. 

“The legal system is corrupt” is a popular phrase lately being bandied about. Why would we believe that? Like a 3-year-old, because it isn’t the outcome we want.

We need to take some time to understand these words and phrases before we repeat and act on them. We also need to understand many current politicians will say anything to remain in power.

Holly Richard, Columbus

We are destroying ourselves

Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

We are at that point now in this country.

Don’t think that we can go on like this and survive. It happened to many “kingdoms” in the past.

We are destroying ourselves internally with all the drugs, hate, murders, thieving, homelessness, egocentric leaders, abortions, plethora of guns out of control, absentee fathers, immorality, authoritarian leaders and many other weaknesses.

We are on a sandy foundation instead of rock like when our leaders tried to work together. We need to look into our heart. 

Consider what did I do today to make this world a better place, not just what did I do to make myself more comfortable.

Andy Rudy, Upper Arlington

Anna Harden

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