Discover the best fairground food in Illinois this summer

Carnival rides, rigged fairground games, and extremely overpriced food. These are the three things we look forward to most when there are fairs in Illinois. Am I wrong?

No one goes to the fair expecting to just hang out. We all have a reason for going, whether it's to people watch, stuff our faces with funnel cakes, or throw up after one too many rides.

Backtracking for a moment… a funnel cake sounds really delicious. You know what else sounds good? More fried desserts straight from the fair.

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Here's what I long for every time the fair comes to town:

  • Fried Oreos
  • Stuffed Churros
  • Giant turkey legs
  • Fried cucumbers
  • A large, freshly squeezed lemonade

Are your taste buds screaming right now? They definitely are.

Now you're probably wondering… what do Illinoisans crave? the most when you get hungry at a festival? It's my favorite fried food in the world.

It is deep fried, dipped in batter and served on a stick. Any guess?

A fried corn cob. My goodness, I'm craving a big corn dog right now. I'm just dreaming about the crunchiness, the spiciness of the ketchup and how gigantic these corn dogs are.

Next time you're in town at a festival, be sure to grab a corn dog and take a photo with it. Have you ever really enjoyed a fairground dog without taking a photo with it? I'm not ashamed of corn dogs – it's an unforgettable moment, always.

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