Dogs die electrocuted in North Miami; couple blames FPL – NBC 6 South Florida

A couple in North Miami says a downed power line electrocuted and killed their dogs on Wednesday, and now they’re demanding answers from FPL.

Surveillance video shows the two dogs, Max and Vasco, in their backyard after their owners let them out during a break in the downpour that flooded the region. 

The dogs stepped into the garden, where their owners said a power cable had fallen. The couple said they went outside to investigate after their home took a power hit.

“Me and my husband went out to check, and the dogs were there, face down, floating in the little garden,” their owner said as her voice broke. 

The dogs were taken to an emergency facility, but it was too late.

Video shows what appears to be lifeless frogs also floating in the water. 

The pet owners said the power cables had been worked on two months ago.

FPL said in a statement that they are aware of the incident and that North Miami police are investigating. Police said the case is being handled internally by FPL  and the homeowner.

Anna Harden

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