People are leaving these 25 states to move to Idaho

The decision to turn your life around and move to a new city is a big one.

When you have a family, there are so many things to consider. Will your partner have the opportunity to do what they enjoy in your new city? How will the kids adjust to their new school after you separate them from the friends, teammates, and teachers they've known their whole lives? Even if you're in your early 20s and just starting your post-college adventure, how long will it take you to make friends in your new city?

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We're sure some people explored Idaho and its largest cities like Boise and its surrounding communities in the Treasure Valley, Idaho Falls, Coeur d'Alene, and Twin Falls before choosing the Gem State as their new home. Others may have just jumped on the wagon and moved here without even seeing it. In any case, according to the latest available data from the United States Census Bureau, more than 87,000 people made that choice in 2022.

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The question is, where did they come from? We'll spare you the eye-rolling. Yes, about 31% of these new neighbors came to us from California, but there are still 60,000 other new residents who had to come from somewhere.

To answer that question, the folks at Stacker dug deep into state-by-state migration data released by the Census Bureau. Here's a look at the 25 states the most people have left for our Idahome.

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Using data from the Census Bureau, Stacker compiled a list of the states from which most people move to Idaho.

Gallery Credits: Stacker

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In 2022, Stacker compiled a list of metropolitan areas where people moved from Boise, based on information from the U.S. Census Bureau. Their information came from the 2015-2019 Metro Area-to-Metro Area Migration dataset. A newer set for 2016-2020 is now available, so we reordered the list and updated the information on the following cities using the most recent data available from each of our sources.

Gallery credit: Michelle Heart

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Our sources include Neighborhood Scout, which uses FBI crime data or their safety rankings, the American Census Bureau,, which allows current and former residents to rate their state/city/community, and The crime index means the city is safer than (X)% of cities in America. Home prices reflect current availability as of February 2024.

Gallery credit: Michelle Heart

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