DTE will raze further parts of the Trenton Stacks coal-fired power plant next week

Demolition of DTE Energy's former coal-fired power plant downstream is set to continue as the site is to be converted into a battery energy storage center.

According to DTE's website, DTE plans to complete the second phase of demolition of the Trenton Channel Power Plant by the end of next week. DTE will notify residents of the schedule via automated phone message and email the day before demolition. A final decision on timing is expected to be made Thursday.

On demolition day, roads on the Grosse Ile Parkway Bridge, Grosse Ile Parkway, West Jefferson Avenue and West River Road will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for up to two hours beginning at 5:40 a.m. DTE advises residents to close windows, park cars in garages and cover boats prior to demolition as dust is expected.

The power plant's 600-foot-tall smokestacks were demolished in March in front of onlookers with loud bangs, shock waves and clouds of dust.

The former coal-fired power plant in Trenton — built in 1924, shut down in 2022 and known colloquially as the “Trenton Stacks” — is being converted into a utility-scale battery energy storage facility capable of storing enough electricity to power 40,000 homes, a city about the size of Dearborn. Groundbreaking for the new facility began Monday, and officials marked the start of construction on the future Trenton Channel Energy Center.

As part of its resource plan, the company points out that the proportion of coal it uses to generate electricity has fallen from 77 percent in 2005 to just 45 percent in 2023. By 2027, that share is to be reduced to 32 percent, by 2029 to 15 percent – and eventually, coal is to be eliminated altogether.

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DTE aims to increase the share of renewable energy sources from 14% in 2023 to over half by 2036.

DTE has implemented safety and cleanup measures to prepare for demolition next week. Visit DTE's website for more information.

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