Gloucester Fire Department welcomes four new firefighters from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

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GLOUCESTER – Fire Chief Eric Smith is pleased to report that four new Gloucester Fire Department firefighters have graduated from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy.

Firefighters/EMTs Kyle Quinn, John Salvi-Souza and William Lane were sworn in by City Clerk Joanne Senos prior to the academy's opening in February, as was firefighter/paramedic Clay Whitley.

Quinn, 28, graduated from Gloucester High School in 2014. His father is a retired Gloucester police officer.

Lane, 23, graduated from Gloucester High School in 2019. His father is a retired lieutenant with the Gloucester Fire Department.

Salvi-Souza, 27, graduated from Gloucester High School in 2015 and previously worked as a correctional officer.

Whitley, 29, graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in 2012 and recently became certified as an emergency medical technician.

All four men will begin their first shifts Sunday. They replace four retiring firefighters. The department will increase its staff from 62 to 66, three fewer than the 69 firefighters the city has budgeted for. The process to hire three more firefighters is already underway.

The Gloucester firefighters were among 31 graduates from 14 fire departments who completed the academy's Class 321 Firefighter Training Program. The graduates completed the 50-day firefighter training program at the Stow campus.

The Massachusetts Firefighting Academy program teaches the fundamentals of fire and non-fire conditions, life safety, search and rescue, ladder operations, water supply, pump operations, and fire suppression. Graduates are now certified at the Firefighter I and II levels and in hazardous materials handling.

“We are very pleased that we were able to find and place four new firefighters in a single class. Maintaining our personnel budget is a challenge and is my highest priority,” said Chief Smith. “All four men officially begin their respective shifts this Sunday and I am sure this will be the start of four outstanding careers.”

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