Utah takes first place in this EMBARRASSING act!

According to a new study by Forbes, Utah ranks first in the entire United States when it comes to one deadly thing… RAGE IN TRAFFIC!

Utah was the state where honking was most common in frustration (76%). While 58% of people in Utah say they have been given the middle finger by someone else while driving.

Utah's drivers were also the second most frequently tailgated drivers in the United States. (73%). Shockingly, only 47% of respondents admitted that someone accelerated to prevent them from changing lanes! I think it's happened to all of us!

Of all the Utahns surveyed, about 1/4 People admit to knowing someone who was injured or killed due to road rage.

The states that came after Utah were…

2. Missouri

3. Colorado

4. Oklahoma

5. New Mexico

6. Nevada

7. Maryland

8. Indiana

9. Washington

10. Delaware

Over 22% of people surveyed in the country said they had actually witnessed an accident due to road rage.

Road aggression is a serious danger that puts every road user at risk. When drivers let their anger out, they make reckless decisions, increasing the risk of accidents. Speeding, aggressive lane changing, and tailgating are common behaviors associated with road aggression that often result in collisions. This dangerous behavior not only endangers the angry driver, but also the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. In addition, road aggression can lead to physical altercations, increasing the danger even further. Staying calm and collected behind the wheel is crucial to avoiding accidents and ensuring a safer driving environment for everyone.

Anna Harden

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