Florida State vs. UNC baseball live scores, updates, highlights from 2024 College World Series knockout game

Florida State (number 8) survived and can play one more game. The reward is a duel against North Carolina (number 4).

Seminoles outfielder Jaime Ferrer hit two home runs Sunday to help his team to a 7-3 win in the elimination game against Virginia, while the Tar Heels were able to score just one run on five hits in a 6-1 loss to No. 1 Tennessee.

But the season isn't over for either team. Florida State now needs to win a second straight elimination game to keep its title chances alive, while North Carolina hopes to avoid another consecutive loss to end its journey in Omaha.

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Both teams have plenty of consistency and the right mix of star power. Vance Honeycutt (UNC), James Tibbs (FSU) and Cam Smith (FSU) are all projected as first-round picks in the 2024 MLB Draft and lead two strong lineups. The Tar Heels have a team OPS of .931, while the Seminoles are at .974.

One big difference could come in the pitching staff. Both teams have already relied on their respective aces in Omaha, but the Tar Heels have an electrifying bullpen that could make the difference.

Sporting News is tracking the latest scores and highlights from Tuesday's College World Series game between Florida State and North Carolina. Follow us for game updates.

Baseball result Florida State vs. UNC

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8th 9 F
State of Florida 0 1 1
North Carolina 0 0

Live updates on Florida State vs. UNC, College World Series highlights

(All times Eastern Time)

14:59: Wow, and so Matthijs is done. The Tar Heels bring in top relief pitcher Dalton Pence to face Cantu in the left-handed duel.

2:57 p.m. Florida State scoring: With the wind whipping, Matthijs struggles to control Ferrer and misses the fifth pitch, allowing him to walk with the bases loaded and score a run. Florida State 2, North Carolina 0

14:52: The Tar Heels need some time to get Matthew Matthijs loose, and he comes in. Haugh's day is over after he recorded just one out in the third inning before loading the bases.

14:50: Dinges is hit by the first pitch he sees and the bases are loaded, Ferrer has one out.

14:49: After two consecutive walks against the Seminoles, Florida State is a dangerous opponent with two runners on base and only one out in the second consecutive inning.

14:46: Impressive performance by Smith at the plate, fending off a few close calls while walking seven pitches.

14:44: The flat ball from Williams' bat is caught by Cook on the run.

14:41 End second: Gallaher hits a comebacker to Armstrong, who throws to first base for the third out.

14:39: A second base hit for the Tar Heels when Stevenson hits a slow grounder up the middle that narrowly misses a diving attempt by Lodise at shortstop and leads to a single.

14:37: Armstrong wastes no time and brings Donofrio back from the bases by coaxing a 4-6-3 double play from Van De Brake with his bat.

2:36 p.m.: Before the end of the second, Armstrong had the head coach and trainer come out to watch him after his final warm-up throw. However, he remains in the game. Donofrio greets him with an infield chopper to third, which he beats just short to first for a single. Florida State contested the call, but it didn't take long for the play to be upheld.

14:30 End of top second: Haugh catches West looking for strike three as the Tar Heels avert further damage.

2:28 p.m. Florida State scoring: Faurot hits a base hit up the middle. Ferrer runs around to score, everyone else runs from station to station. The Seminoles take an early lead. Florida State 1, North Carolina 0

14:26: Lodise gets under a 1-1 fastball and flies to center, with Honeycutt narrowly avoiding a collision with Donofrio in right-center field.

14:25: Now some momentum comes for Florida State as Cantu hits a high ball that lands to left. Cook was close to pouncing on it, but it just missed. Ferrer had to make sure the ball landed between Cook and Gallaher, who was racing down the line from third base, so he only advances to second base. Runners on first and second base, one down.

14:23: The Seminoles have the first baserunner of the day when Ferrer hits three balls in a row, the last one way down and away, giving the left fielder a walk with one out.

14:22: Dinges likes the first pitch he sees and hits it straight, but right at Honeycutt in the middle.

14:19 End of the first: Armstrong tied Haugh's 1-2-3 inning with one of his own as Harber singled to third base, ending the inning. No baserunners in the first inning on either side.

14:17: Cook hits a hard grounder to first base, which Cantu initially has a hard time stopping, but he grabs the ball and just beats the race to the sack for the second out.

14:16: Honeycutt swings down and away with a breaker while Armstrong starts his afternoon with a punchout.

14:12 End top first: Haugh gets two strikeouts in the first inning, while Tibbs is left empty-handed in a changeup, resulting in a 1-2-3 inning.

14:10: Smith flies out to second base for the second out. Haugh hurries through the ranks after falling behind the first batter in the count.

14:09: Haugh fights back from a 3-0 lead and strikes out Max Williams with a high fastball.

14:08: Haugh's first pitch is a fastball that misses, and the game is in full swing.

14:06: The Tar Heels have entered the field. The game starts in a few minutes.

13:50: Baseball fans will, of course, be hoping to catch these games today in time for the weather. The National Weather Service is giving a 40 percent chance of rain this afternoon and a 100 percent chance of rain tonight, including thunderstorms. This could cause disruption to the games played today.

13:26: The teams are preparing to meet on Tuesday at Charles Schwab Field.

12:55 p.m.: Here’s a look at the lineups for today’s game:

State of Florida

  1. Max Williams, CF
  2. Cam Smith, 3B
  3. James Tibbs III, RF
  4. Marco Dinges, DH
  5. Jaime Ferrer, LF
  6. Daniel Cantu, 1B
  7. Alex Lodise, SS
  8. Drew Faurot, 2B
  9. Jaxson West, C

P: Andrew Armstrong

North Carolina

  1. Vance Honeycutt, CF
  2. Casey Cook, LF
  3. Parks Harbor, 1B
  4. Anthony Donofrio, RF
  5. Jackson Van De Brake, DH
  6. Luke Stevenson, C
  7. Gavin Gallaher, 3B
  8. Alex Madera, 2B
  9. Colby Wilkerson, SS

P: Aidan Haugh

12:20 pm: Vance Honeycutt was a big star for the Tar Heels in the College World Series. Hear him analyze his swing ahead of this afternoon's elimination game against Florida State.

How to watch Florida State vs. UNC

  • Start time: 2:00 p.m. ET
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Live broadcast: ESPN+, Fubo

Florida State vs. North Carolina will be broadcast live on ESPN. Those who want to stream the game can watch it live on ESPN+ or on Fubo, which offers a free trial.

College World Series Schedule

Friday, June 14

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 1 North Carolina 3Virginia2 β€” β€”
Game 2 Tennessee 12State of Florida 11 β€” β€”

Saturday, June 15

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 3 Kentucky 5NC State 4 β€” β€”
Game 4 Texas A&M3Florida2 β€” β€”

Sunday, 16 June

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 5 Florida State 7, Virginia3 β€” β€”
Game 6 Tennessee 6, North Carolina 1 β€” β€”

Monday, 17 June

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 7 Florida 5, NC State 4 β€” β€”
Game 8 Texas A&M 5, Kentucky 1 β€” β€”

Tuesday, June 18

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 9 Florida State vs. North Carolina 14 o'clock ESPN, Football
Game 10 Kentucky vs Florida 19 o'clock ESPN, Football

Wednesday, June 19

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
Game 11 Tennessee vs. to be announced 14 o'clock ESPN, Football
Game 12 Texas A&M vs. TBD 19 o'clock ESPN, Football

Thursday, 20 June

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
*Game 13 To be announced 14 o'clock ESPN, Football
*Game 14 To be announced 19 o'clock ESPN, Football

*If necessary

Saturday, 22 June

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
CWS Final, Game 1 To be announced 19:30 o'clock ESPN, Football

Sunday, 23 June

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
CWS Final, Game 2 To be announced 14 o'clock ABC, Fubo

Monday, June 24

Game Matchup/Result Time (ET) TV channel
*CWS Final Game 3 To be announced 19 o'clock ESPN, Football

*If necessary

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