Athol Daily News – Massachusetts suffers statewide outage of 911 services

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BOSTON (AP) — The 911 system in Massachusetts went down Tuesday afternoon, leaving no one able to reach emergency services.

“The state emergency call center is aware of a disruption in the emergency call system and is investigating the cause,” said a statement from the state office for public safety and order.

Dozens of communities reported the power outage, but the cause was unclear. Several communities confirmed the outage and advised people to either call a fire station or call the police directly.

A few years ago, Massachusetts experienced sporadic emergency call outages. At the time, the blame was placed on outages by Louisiana-based provider CenturyLink, which also affected some Verizon customers.

Athol Police and Fire Departments posted about the outage on their social media pages. Residents are asked to call police at 978-249-3232 and fire at 978-249-8275 until further notice.

Below you will find the contact numbers of the regional departments:


Police: 987-939-8875

Fire Department: 987-939-8875


Police: 988-724-3232

Fire Department: 508-867-518


Police: 987-297-1212

Fire Department: 988-249-8138

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