ELEC will decide whether the radio show “Spadea” will count towards the spending cap

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission will conduct an audit to determine whether the market value of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Spadea's remaining broadcast as New Jersey 101.5's morning drive-time radio show will count toward the $8.7 million spending cap should he elect to participate in the state's public financing program.

ELEC Chairman Thomas Prol announced today that a hearing will be held to initiate an evaluation. Prol did not name a candidate, but said it was a “media personality” running for governor.

Prol did not say who, if anyone, had lodged a complaint; he said only that the review would be about creating a level playing field for all candidates.

Spadea officially entered the race for governor yesterday and the owner of the radio station where he appears, Townsquare Media, later announced that he would remain on the air for now.

“Until he obtains legal qualifications, Bill will continue to fulfill his professional duties and entertain and inform local audiences on NJ 101.5's broadcast and digital platforms as he has done for the past nine years,” the company said in a statement.

Spadea's show airs five days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The spending cap only applies to candidates participating in the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program. This program allows candidates who raise at least $580,000 to receive two dollars in grants for every dollar raised after the first $185,000. The maximum grant amount is $5.5 million.

Anna Harden

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