Howard Blum's book claims Idaho suspect Bryan Kohberger targeted Madison Mogen

A new book about the University of Idaho murders claims that Bryan Kohberger had a single goal the night he allegedly killed four students. Journalist Howard Blum claims in his upcoming book When the night calls: A requiem for the student murders in Idaho that Kohberger only intended to kill Madison Mogen because he walked past the rooms of two surviving roommates and left them unharmed. “If he was just on a killing spree, it would have been natural and instinctive to go to one of those doors,” Blum said. “Instead, he goes up this narrow staircase and turns right into Maddie's room, and I believe Maddie was his target.” Blum also claims that Kohberger's family, including his father Michael, were concerned about his behavior before his arrest. “[Michael] has read the headlines – he knows four students were killed 12 miles from his son's house. He knows what a difficult son he has,” Blum said. He claims Kohberger's two sisters spoke to their father about the suspicions but were ignored. Mogen, 21, was found dead in her bed next to her best friend Kaylee Goncalves, also 21. Roommate Xana Kernodle, 20, was also killed next to her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20.

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