40th Anniversary of the Annual Phil Panelas BBQ

Patricia Guernsey, a guest, smashes a plate during the celebration. (Photo: Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation)

The Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation hosted the 40th anniversary of the annual Phil Panelas BBQ on Thursday.

At the event, held in the Phil Panelas Courtyard of Trenton Memorial Hospital, the public was invited to honor the medical professionals and volunteers who work at the hospital.

The menu featured authentic Greek dishes including souvlaki, hamburgers, Greek salad, spanakopita and Phil's famous rice pudding.

“People often ask why we have a BBQ every year. My father, Phil Panelas, hosted and donated a BBQ at the hospital every year to support the
“The continued hard work of the doctors, nurses, first responders and all hospital staff and volunteers is the reason why,” Chrissie Panelas, daughter of the late Phil Panelas, said in a press release.

“He was deeply proud to walk the halls of Trenton Memorial Hospital, where he was active for over 60 years and served as Foundation Chairman for 27 years. I know he would have been very proud of yesterday's event and I could feel him cheering 'OPA! OPA! OPA!' with us. This event is truly a team effort and I want to extend a special thank you to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation staff, volunteers, the Rotary Club of Trenton and OurTMH for their generous support. See you next year…OPA!”

Anna Harden

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