Nursing professor at WCSU in Danbury receives State Regents Award

**Press release sent by Western Connecticut State University**

21 June 2024

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The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR) has named 11 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) faculty members as recipients of the 2023–24 Board of Regents Faculty Awards. The awards, which recognize CSCU faculty for outstanding achievements in teaching or research, are given to assistant and associate professors in tenured or tenured positions, as well as adjunct faculty members. These faculty members have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers, perform exceptional research, scholarly and/or creative work in the classroom, and have a track record of driving instructional improvement for their departments.

Campus-based award categories include teaching, research and scholarly excellence across the six-institution CSCU system. Dr. Eileen Campbell, associate professor of nursing at Western Connecticut State University, received a campus-based teaching award from the Board of Regents for 2023-24.

Extraordinary faculty members are also honored with a system-wide award. In addition to the two honorees this year, three extraordinary faculty members were nominated for the award. Dr. Jeanette Moore, associate professor of education and educational psychology at WCSU, was one of three nominees for a campus-based teaching award for extraordinary faculty members from the Board of Regents. Campbell reacted to the news of her award. “I was deeply honored to be nominated by Dr. Monica Sousa for the Connecticut State University Regents Teaching Award,” she said. “Dr. Sousa and I have worked together since our days as students in the graduate nursing program at WCSU and have been colleagues in the nursing department for many years. Our collaborative efforts have spanned numerous courses where we have jointly pursued initiatives designed to improve student success in the nursing program.”

“I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to my colleagues Dr. Kim Bridges and Dr. Teri Puckhaber for their letters of support,” Campbell continued. “The four of us have taught nursing courses together and conducted research to help our students. My colleagues in the nursing department have supported and encouraged me in implementing innovative teaching strategies. They are always generous with their time and regularly provide me with constructive feedback on the results of implementing more student-centered learning methods such as the flipped classroom.”

Campbell added, “I was deeply grateful to receive a letter of support from Dr. Lupinacci, the head of the nursing department. Dr. Lupinacci and I have worked closely together for many years, from my early days as an adjunct clinical instructor to my time as undergraduate coordinator for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Dr. Lupinacci and the Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Dr. Joan Palladino, have supported and encouraged me to teach new courses across the curriculum of our undergraduate program, the graduate program, and our two doctoral programs.”

Concluding her comments, Campbell said, “Just being nominated for the award was an honor, and subsequently receiving the award was a meaningful experience that reflects the unwavering support of my colleagues for my work with students. Although I conduct research outside the classroom, my primary area of ​​scholarly work is in the classroom, working with students. I love the work and scholarship of teaching and particularly enjoy doing this work at WCSU, where I am supported and encouraged to continually engage in teaching and learning activities that are meaningful to our students.”

In announcing the awards, CSCU Chancellor Terrence Cheng said, “The commitment and dedication of CSCU faculty to the success and advancement of our students is unmatched. This year's honorees have made incredible contributions to our institutions and academic disciplines and have made a lasting impact on the lives of our students. I congratulate each of the honorees on this well-deserved recognition and wish them continued success in their leadership roles inside and outside the classroom.”

Regent Ira Bloom, chair of the BOR Committee on Academic and Student Affairs, added, “Each of these faculty members works tirelessly to bring out the best in their students, and they continue to raise the bar in their respective disciplines. Our institutions continue to provide an affordable, high-quality education because of the outstanding work of our faculty members at both the campus and system levels. Thanks to their work and dedication, our colleges and universities continue to reach new heights and milestones.”

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