Georgia woman thrown from dumpster into garbage truck

Bainbridge Public Safety Director Redell Walton said the woman was in a dumpster when a garbage truck arrived, took the container and threw her into the truck, nearly crushing her to death.

A woman in Georgia was nearly crushed to death after being thrown from a dumpster into a garbage truck.

The woman was in a dumpster near the fast-casual seafood restaurant Captain D's around noon Thursday when a garbage truck emptied the container along with the woman in Bainbridge, southwest Georgia, Bainbridge Public Safety Director Redell Walton told USA TODAY Friday.

Fortunately, the truck's driver did not immediately turn on the trash compactor, but instead drove the vehicle to another dumpster a few feet away, Walton said. While the driver was emptying the second dumpster, employees of a nearby store who had seen the woman fall into the garbage truck ran after the truck and managed to stop it from operating. The employees also called 911.

When police and paramedics arrived at the scene, they could hear someone “screaming and yelling” from inside the truck, Walton said.

Woman suffered “serious injuries”

Several emergency responders, including police, firefighters and a state police officer, responded to the scene, rescued the woman from the truck, administered first aid and transported her to a local hospital.

Walton said the woman suffered significant injuries not only from the fall, but also from the blades inside the garbage truck used to compact the garbage.

She was later flown by medical helicopter to another hospital, Walton said. There was no immediate update on her condition.

Although it is not immediately clear what the woman was doing in the dumpster, Walton said it is likely that she was rummaging around in the dumpster. Her bicycle was later found next to the dumpster.

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