Governor Cox signs resolution against the expansion of Title IX

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed a resolution on Friday, June 21, officially declaring that Utah is ignoring upcoming changes to Title IX that would expand protections for transgender children.

Title IX was originally passed in 1972 and provides protection against sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. The U.S. Department of Education recently issued an expansion of Title IX to include gender identity.

The new Title IX rules are set to take effect in August and would directly impact Utah’s new law for transgender toiletsThe resolution signed by Governor Cox takes advantage of Utah’s recently passed Sovereignty Act to ignore these extensions in favor of state laws.

The Utah Senate Democratic Caucus condemned the Republican-led efforts in a statement released this afternoon.

“This is a misguided and unconstitutional directive that jeopardizes the future of our state's education system,” the statement said. “By rejecting these regulations, we risk losing $696 million in federal funds that support our public education system.”

Democrats said the resolution could potentially conflict with the federal government's Supremacy Clause, which says federal laws take precedence over state laws.

Senator Jen Plumb also argued against the resolution during the meeting:

“This dialogue is very confusing, frustrating and sad,” Plumb said. “It feels like you've already won this war against a very small group of already marginalized communities. This feels targeted, this feels politicized and it really feels like we're putting even more of an attack on a group of people who are already an unloved part of our population.”

At the time of this writing, it is unclear how the federal government will respond to Utah's new resolution, which was a central theme of this week's special legislative session. Cox signed a total of six bills into law during the Wednesday, June 19, session.

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