Should Miami Heat have made aggressive pitch for Alex Caruso

Q: Ira, Alex Caruso would have been a perfect fit (I’ve been telling you for years) for the Heat. And now they lose him to a team that only gave up Josh Giddey? This is where Pat Riley has fallen off. And don’t tell me it’s because the Heat don’t have draft picks. OKC didn’t give any. – Michael.

A: While I agree that Alex Caruso, with his mix of defense and 3-point shooting, as well as overall tenacity, very much would have been a quality Heat fit, it’s not as if the Heat had a young point guard to offer Chicago in return, as did the Thunder. And for all that Alex Caruso could have delivered, parting with Tyler Herro would have been a bit much. While supporting players can be essential, the Heat at the moment I believe have to look at the bigger picture of leading men, especially amid a degree of uncertainty with Jimmy Butler. Alex Caruso getting away certainly is not at the same level of some of the A-list talent that Heat pursued and failed to acquire in recent seasons.

Anna Harden

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