MT Outdoor Podcast: Discover a really cool way to store and organize your outdoor toys

The Montana Outdoor Podcast has come across a really cool way to store and organize your outdoor toys! Just wait until you hear about it!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, your host Downrigger Dale has a great conversation with Ryan Medlinger, owner of Reliable Steel Erectors. Ryan and his amazing team of builders are building steel buildings that are taking Montana by storm! These buildings are without a doubt the hottest trend for living the outdoor life in a cost-effective and incredibly comfortable way and using your land in the most efficient way you've ever seen, and they're, well, really, really cool! You may have heard of the new style of building known as a Barndominium or Shouse. Both terms mean the same thing and basically mean that you combine a living space and a workshop, barn or outbuilding in one building. Ryan and his company Reliable Steel Erectors have taken this idea to a whole new level. They transform the idea of ​​a workshop with living quarters into an incredible home that also houses your boat, trucks, tools, RV, etc. together. What makes it so incredible is that he can make them look and feel pretty much any style you want. For example when Click here to listen to the podcast You'll hear Ryan talk about an example where he clads the steel beams and such in wood to give the place the look and feel of a cabin, and the possibilities are endless from there. You end up with a home and business that is sturdier and much better insulated than any other home you'll ever find. You can also save money in many ways by building using traditional construction. For example, you don't have to run wiring and plumbing and build separate foundations for two separate buildings, and the benefits go on from there. For those of you who also run a business on your property, the benefits are even greater! Not to mention, you're using the space on your property MUCH more efficiently. Oh, and the inside is… well, you just have to Click here and listen to the podcast. So interesting!! Of course Ryan also builds traditional shops, outbuildings etc. using his unique steel construction process and you will hear about that too when Click here to listen!

Note: Rigger mentioned on the podcast that there may be additional cost savings on property taxes and insurance, which could be the case, but it depends on location and other factors, so don't forget to check that out too!


  • Learn more about Reliable Steel Erectors and Ryan Click here.
  • If you want to see pictures of Ryan’s latest projects, Click here.
  • If you have any questions for Ryan, Click here to send him an email or just call him at (406) 529-0191.
  • And don’t forget Click here to email your buddy Downrigger Dale to let him know what you think of this podcast and to share your ideas for topics for future podcasts!

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