5 Orlando Magic offseason targets from teams looking to get under the tax

For everyone in the league, the NBA offseason has begun after the Boston Celtics were crowned champions.

The league is about to embark on another summer of change. Although there aren't many big-name free agents and even fewer teams with enough cap space to sign them, the league is never quiet. The transfer market will open on draft night (and a weak draft at that) and many teams will be looking to improve after disappointing seasons.

It will be an interesting offseason as the contenders and potential contenders fight for their spots in the league, each with their own interest in mind.

For the first time, the Orlando Magic are likely looking to dramatically improve on the court. For the first time, the Magic are viewed not only as a prime location for a big-name free agent, but also as a potential player on the transfer market.

Orlando is neither a slacker on the market nor in the offseason. The Magic are a team that can once again make a difference.

With their salary cap of $30-50 million, the Magic have a lot of weight to throw at them in the next few weeks, and everyone is waiting with bated breath to see who they will target.

That's half of the equation. The Magic could be a team that could be aggressive in ways that most people wouldn't expect.

After all, cap room isn't just about free agents; it's a tool that teams can use to acquire excess cap space. And another purpose of the offseason for some teams is to reorganize their books. It's an opportunity for teams to reduce their tax burden.

And there are some teams that have to do this:

There are many teams that pay a lot of money and don't get what they pay for.

This is an area where the Magic can operate. They may be able to poach some good players or take advantage of other teams' financial difficulties.

And they're not the only teams. There are several other teams that will have to pay the tax this year, even though they probably shouldn't. The Magic can help them reduce their payroll costs by taking back more money than they spend through trades.

This is an opportunity the Magic could use to get players that might not otherwise be available. This is the other side of free agency and another avenue the team needs to consider.

So the starting point is to go through all the teams that are operating above the tax threshold at the start of the offseason and see if there is a bargain to be had.

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