Illinois man honors deceased wife with lottery numbers

An Illinois man honored his late wife with his lottery numbers and is now enjoying a million dollar win. The man shared the purchase of a lottery ticket with his adult children and won a recent Lotto Million 1 drawing.

“Our family likes to play the same numbers from time to time in different lottery games, and these numbers are very dear to us,” the daughter explained. “Since our mother's death, we have included numbers that are related to her and have special meaning for all of us in our lottery.”

The ticket was purchased for the lottery drawing on Monday, May 20, at a BP gas station in Wadsworth, a city 45 miles north of Chicago.

For the sale of the winning ticket, the BP in Wadsworth receives a bonus of one percent of the winning amount, or $10,000.

“I actually read a news report that said a lottery ticket had been won nearby. When my dad called me that night and said, 'I have great news – guess what?' I spoiled his mood by saying, 'We won a million dollars?' He hadn't seen the article yet,” laughed the daughter. “Everyone is super excited, but no one is more excited than my dad!”

The family has asked to remain anonymous.

The winning ticket matched all six numbers from the Lotto Million 1 drawing and won the $1 million jackpot. The winning numbers were: 2-8-10-18-22-28.

So far this year, over 2.9 million winning lottery tickets have been sold, with total winnings for Illinois Lottery players totaling over $35.4 million.

“My dad is convinced that we're going to win one of those huge Mega Millions or Powerball jackpots next,” laughed the daughter. “We play for fun! It's fun to think about who we'd share our prize money with, what causes we'd donate to, what we'd spend money on. Dreams aren't bad… but it's even more fun when it becomes a reality.”

You could be next! Lotto is a game played only in Illinois and is played three times a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Lottery tickets can be purchased in-store, online or through the Illinois Lottery app.

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