Results from New Hampshire: June 22, 2024 (NASCAR Modified)

NASCAR Whelen Modified results from New Hampshire Motor Speedway

NASCAR Whelen Modified drivers took the green flag Saturday morning in Loudon, NH. The race was originally scheduled for 6:30 p.m. but was moved up to 10 a.m. at New Hampshire Motor Speedway due to weather.

Check out the New Hampshire results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour below.

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Justin Bonsignore was on the road to victory.

New Hampshire
Race results
22 June 2024
NASCAR Whelen Modified

Position | Driver

1. Justin Bonsignore

2. Kyle Bonsignore

3. Chase Dowling

4. Patrick Emerling

5. Sam Rameau

6. Tommy Catalano

7. Eric Goodale

8.Jake Johnson

9. Austin Beers

10. Ron Silk

11. Tyler Ryckema

12. Trevor Catalano

13. Tim Connolly

14. Anthony Nocella

15. Matthew Kimball

16. Matt Swanson

17. John-Michael Shenette

18. Tyler Catalano

19. Ken Heagy

20. Luke Baldwin

21. Andy Seuss

22. Craig Lutz

23. Jonathan McKennedy

24. Gary McDonald

25. Jacob Lutz

26. Ryan Preece

27. Andy Jankowiak

28. Doug Coby

29. Melissa Fifield

30. Mike Marchall

31. Joey Cipriano III

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