Package thieves fight over FedEx packages in Pennsylvania


Duels caught on video between porch thieves outside a Berks County home are giving people cause to think about how they can protect themselves from this increasingly brazen crime.

In the Sinking Spring case, a FedEx delivery was intercepted by two thieves at the same time, according to multiple published reports. The two men stormed the house as the driver was setting down the package, with one of them grabbing a flowerpot to fend off the other's punches.

How to stop parcel thieves

This incident highlights the growing concern about door-to-door theft and the need for effective measures to protect against it.

Use security cameras: Visible doorbell cameras and other security systems can deter some pirates before they strike and preserve evidence in the event of thefts.

Wait for your packages: Arrange deliveries when someone is home and greet the delivery person at the door.

Try delivery lockers: Many delivery services offer secure locker options where packages can be safely stored until you pick them up.

Opt for a delivery that requires a signature: Opt for deliveries that require a signature so that the driver does not leave your goods unattended.

Consider smart safes: These lockers are designed to keep deliveries safe until you receive them.

Work with your neighbors: Coordinate with your neighbors to check for or even pick up each other's deliveries.

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