Man tried to drown twin children on Connecticut beach after finding mother's 'witchcraft material'

A Queens man was reportedly found on a Connecticut beach late Saturday night attempting to drown his two toddlers in the water

Romney Desronvil was convinced that the twins' mother wanted to kill him ((AP)

Police arrested a man who allegedly drowned twin children on a Connecticut beach over the weekend, attributing the heinous atrocity to his “turbulent relationship” with their mother.

Romney Desronvil, 41, allegedly told authorities he discovered “witchcraft” in the children's biological mother, which caused him to panic. The materials, he claimed, suggested the woman was casting some sort of curse to “wish evil upon another man.” Desronvil immediately thought he was in danger. At one point, he screamed on the beach that his children's mother wanted to kill him.

The father, who admitted to kidnapping the twins, who were not yet three years old, from their New York home, said he drove to the beach around 2 a.m. to talk to another child who allegedly confirmed his suspicions, but was startled when he noticed a police car driving by. He panicked again, grabbed his children and plunged into the water.

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Desronvil said another child called him and said the police were after him((WFSB)

A West Haven police officer noticed the father's vehicle on the beach and then heard panicked screams coming from the water. Upon further investigation, the officer saw Desronvil and the twins floating in Long Island Sound. “At this point, it was obvious that the man was intentionally drowning his children,” police said in a statement.

“Officers immediately entered the water and were approximately 100 yards from shore at the time,” the press release said. The West Shore Fire Department also deployed a fireboat.

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