$2 million bail set for man charged with attempted drowning of 2 children on Connecticut beach

MILFORD, Conn. (AP) — A New York man has been charged with attempted murder after authorities said he tried to drown two small children at a beach in Connecticut over the weekend.

Romney Desronvil, 41, of the New York City borough of Queens, was arraigned in Milford Superior Court on Monday. A judge set bail at $2 million and ordered him to appear in court again on July 1. He was arrested on charges of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and child endangerment, a court clerk said.

The children, twins under the age of three, were in the intensive care unit at Yale New Haven Hospital. Their condition was not known on Monday. It was unclear whether the twins were related to Desronvil.

Mayor Dorinda Borer of West Haven, where the incident occurred, said in a social media post Sunday that the children had made “slight progress” and that one of them had completed intubation. She called the events “unthinkable.” She said the children's mother rushed to them early Sunday morning.

Desronvil's public defender Ashley Miller declined to comment after the arraignment.

In a report released Monday, West Haven police said Desronvil told them he had a “tumultuous relationship” with the children's mother and admitted to kidnapping the twins from their New York home.

He told officers he had recently found “witchcraft material” belonging to the children's mother that showed she “wished evil upon another boy,” the report said. He also screamed on the beach that the mother was going to kill him, authorities said.

Desronvil told officers he drove to the beach to talk to another child who called him and said the twins' mother was going to call police, the report said. He said he panicked when he saw police and took the children into the water, officers said.

In the police report, the mother told them that she believed Desronvil had mental health problems.

A West Haven patrol officer saw a vehicle at a local beach around 2:30 a.m. Saturday and heard screaming coming from the water, police said. When the officer entered the water, Desronvil and the children continued to float into Long Island Sound, authorities said.

“At this point, it was obvious that the man … was intentionally drowning his children,” police said in a statement.

Other officers and firefighters entered the water and were able to rescue the children and bring them to shore, where life-saving measures were administered, police said. They were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Three officers were also treated for minor injuries, officials said.

Borer, the mayor of West Haven, said she met the children's mother over the weekend.

“I wanted to let them know that even though they are far from home, they have a whole community here that cares about them and we will give them whatever they need: a hotel, meals, clothes or a big hug,” she said.

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