Poll: 65% of New Hampshire residents support adult-use cannabis reforms

Cityscape of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Recent polls in New Hampshire found that 65% of the state's residents either “strongly” or “somewhat” support legalizing cannabis for adult use. This sentiment runs counter to the recent decision by House Democrats to introduce a cannabis legalization bill, effectively killing the proposal.

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Sixty-five percent of New Hampshire residents are either “strongly” or “somewhat” in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis in the state, according to the University of New Hampshire's Granite State Poll released June 20. Another 19 percent of residents are either “strongly” or “somewhat” opposed to the reforms, and 15 percent are unsure.

Last month, the state Senate a law to legalize it was passed The proposal was expected to receive the support of Republican Gov. Chris Sununu and included the governor's favored model of state-run stores similar to alcohol sales in the state. However, the House of Representatives rejected the proposal earlier this month, but passed its own proposal in April that did not include the state-run stores.

Support for legalizing adult-use cannabis has dropped slightly among Granite State residents since the last Granite State poll in May 2023, when 72% of residents said they supported the reforms. In the most recent poll, support among self-identified independents fell 12 percentage points and Republican support fell eight percentage points. The reforms are still supported by a majority of self-identified socialists (97%), progressives (95%), libertarians (76%), liberals (72%) and moderates (66%), but only 41% of conservatives agree.

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