Top Rated Breweries in South Carolina

Cold beer, anyone? American beer drinkers have plenty of choices, no matter where they live.

In fact, a market once dominated by a handful of major brands has become far more diverse since the craft beer scene grew sixfold between 2008 and 2016. Independent production cooled just a little in 2023, but still accounted for a whopping 23.4 million barrels of beer, and craft beer's overall market share by volume rose to 13.3%, according to the Brewers Association. For comparison, in 2013 there were 3,108 craft breweries in the U.S.—and in 2023 there are 9,761, a 214% increase in just a decade. Here's to that!

Why this continued obsession? Aside from the fact that people simply love their beer, beer has become an extremely versatile beverage category. Craft breweries exploit beer's full potential and therefore tend to rank highly.

Another thing about beer is that every sip tells a story. It's primarily the journey of beer making itself, namely one that involves water, malt, botanical hops and yeast. However, it's also a chronicle of the area in which the beer was made, as each state has its own history, climate, geography and resources. Then there's the story of the people who made it, who turned their love of carbonated alcohol into a passion project and hired all sorts of local talent.

Combine the American love of beer with endless flavor options, and you get a sensational pastime and a thriving national industry. With nearly 10,000 craft breweries popping up across the country, each has its own unique qualities to offer, some even offering tours and tasting rooms (and maybe hearty gastropub fare, too).

Many of the country's top-rated breweries are so small and independent that you can't taste their beer unless you visit them in person, while others distribute their products across the country—or even around the globe.

To find some of the best places near you, Stacker compiled a list of the top-rated breweries in South Carolina using data from Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor rates places based on a combination of metrics, including overall rating, reviews, and number of page views. As a result, a business with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 may rank lower than one with a 4 out of 5. Data as of June 6, 2024.

Regardless of the size and scope of the brewery, one thing is certain: now is a great time for a beer!

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