Only 36.5% of the state’s target population has been vaccinated

In total, 54,748 people of the target population have been vaccinated in Santa Catarina in the areas where the dengue vaccine is administered, according to the latest bulletin of the Directorate of Health Surveillance (DIVE) on Monday (24). Looking at the areas where the doses are administered, the figure represents only 36.5% of the target population.

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According to the epidemiological report published by DIVE on Wednesday (19), there are more than 340,000 probable cases of dengue in the state, with 260 confirmed deaths. In addition, 169 municipalities in Santa Catarina are considered infected Aedes aegyptiThe mosquito that transmits the disease.

In Santa Catarina, the vaccination campaign began on February 24 in the city of Joinville (the vaccination area in the northeast of the country). The vaccines are currently being administered to residents aged 10 to 14 years.

The Northeast Region, the first region of the state to receive vaccine shipments from the Ministry of Health, has the highest vaccination rate so far, with 39.66% for the first dose. This is followed by the Greater Florianópolis Region with 23.89%. The Middle Valley do Itajai Region has a vaccination rate of 13.05% and the Chapeco Region has a vaccination rate of 6.48%.

Find out how many doses have been administered by region

the Northeast:

  • Target group: 71,468
  • Doses administered: 33,308 (between first and second dose)

Greater Florianópolis area:

  • Target group: 77,926
  • Doses administered: 18,737 (between first and second dose)

Central Itajai Valley:

  • Target group: 47,463
  • Doses applied: 6,197


  • Target group: 24,346
  • Doses used: 1,579

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